Our Mission & Goals

Gene's Road to the Big Leagues was founded — and is committed — to the improvment and development of today's youth, both on and off the field. Its goal has multiple purposes:

  • To develop character
  • Enhance quality work habits
  • Promote leadership skills
  • Better understand and deal with competition
  • Encourage teamwork

... all are ingredients needed to establish the roots for promoting success in today's world.

The goal of Gene's Road to the Big Leagues is to introduce ball players/students to the refinement of the basic tools involved in playing baseball (hitting, pitching, catching/fielding, base running, etc.) as well as the mental aspects of the game. Our ultimate goal with any student is to help put him/her in the best possible position to maximize successes.

With the proper foundation in place, baseball will continue to be fun and fulfilling to its athletes. As a result, baseball will again become the stepping stone to high school, college/university, and if lucky, a professional career. Baseball can be a thing of beauty if we look at it correctly and play it correctly.